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Hydraulic Calculation Software

For nearly two decades, Canute has been a leading provider of hydraulic calculation software for fire protection systems. Our software has been rigorously tested and proven to meet the standards of top fire insurers, risk managers, and government agencies around the world. With our expertise and reliable tools, we help ensure the safety and protection of people and property from the threat of fire.

FHC - Hydralic Calculation Software

FHC is a globally recognised provider of hydraulic calculation software for fire protection systems, with a presence in over 60 countries. The software is widely used to design and analyse various fire suppression systems, such as fire sprinklers, water mist, high-velocity water spray, foam/water monitors, and fire hydrants. FHC software is compatible with more than 25 international standards, including NFPA 13/15/750, EN 12845, and BS 9251, making it a versatile and reliable tool for fire protection engineers and designers.

spkGraph for Water Supply Curve

SpkGraph is a powerful software tool that can help you with water supply curve calculations. Whether you're designing systems for NFPA, BS 9251, or EN 16925, spkGraph can quickly and accurately calculate Qmax or Maximum Flow Demand. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, spkGraph is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to complete water supply curve calculations quickly and easily.

Hcalc - Hydraulic Calculator

Hcalc is a powerful hydraulic calculator that allows you to easily calculate pressure loss in pipes and flow rates from fire sprinklers or water mist nozzles. Whether you need to make quick estimates or confirm a calculation, Hcalc is the perfect tool for the job.

Best of all, you can download Hcalc for free and start using it today!

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