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You will find information and resource for the use of FHC, hydraulic calculation and the history of sprinkler systems.

FHC for water mist calculations

FHC for water mist hydraulic calculations

The Canute FHC hydraulic calculation software can calculate water mist systems for low, intermediate and high-pressure systems as defined by NFPA 750.  Careful consideration needs to be given on which option you use in FHC for your calculation. This will depend on the system pressure, water velocity and if the system has any additives.

History of fire sprinklers

History of fire sprinklers and their development

Fire sprinklers have been around for over 200 years, but their development and evolution have been fascinating. From the early days of hand-operated systems to the advanced technology of today's automatic sprinklers, the history of fire sprinklers is a testament to human ingenuity and the drive to improve safety.

The introduction to England of automatic fire sprinkler 1881 - 1888

The story of the instruction to England of the Automatic Sprinkler as written by John Wormald in December 1923

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