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For two decades, Canute has supplied Hydraulic Calculation Software for the Fire Protection Industry, helping design fire sprinkler & water mist systems to protect life and property.

Canute - Dedicated to fire protection calculations

Canute has been dedicated to the field of hydraulic calculation & analysis for the fire protection industry for 20 years. We have developed FHC, Hcalc & spkGraph software to assist fire protection professionals in optimizing fire sprinklers, water mist and other water-based fire protection systems designs.

FHC for all types of water base fire protection systems

For hydraulic calculation and analysis of fire sprinkler and water mist systems, FHC is the only reliable software you need. With a proven track record of success for hundreds of companies, including those with complex design projects such as roof and rack systems for logistics facilities and car manufacturing plants, FHC is the solution you are looking for.

FHC is fast, accurate, dependable, easy to learn, and can calculate any pipe network from a tree and loops to complex grids.
FHC hydraulic calculation & analysis software

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Our FHC software is utilized by thousands of users worldwide
to design highly efficient water-based fire protection systems.

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Discover how FHC can assist you with Hydraulic Calculations for fire sprinkler and water mist systems

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Download a 30-day trial version of FHC today and see how it could help you quickly and accurately deliver hydraulic calculations. 

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You can place an order for the FHC software, purchase an FHC support pack or make a payment online for any invoice.

Hcalc - Hydraulic calculator

Easily calculate pressure loss or sprinkler head flow with our user-friendly hydraulic calculator; best of all, it's  free.   

Hcalc with a pressure loss calculation
spkGraph with a maximum flow demand calculation for BS 9251

spkGraph - Water Supply Chart

If you need to find the maximum flow demand, Qmax, or create an NFPA style chart for a water supply, skpGraph can assist you in making these charts quickly.