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Looking to calculate the velocity in a pipe or determine the diameter of a pipe then this Pipe Velocity Calculator is for you.

Look no further than our easy-to-use online Pipe Velocity Calculator! Simply input the necessary information and let our tool do the rest. Whether you're a fire sprinkler engineer, a professional plumber or a DIY enthusiast, our calculator is a valuable resource for any piping project.

With Pipe Velocity Calculator, you can calculate any of the following.

  • Water velocity in the pipe when you proved the internal pipe diameter and flow rate,
  • The flow rate in the pipe when you provided the velocity and internal pipe diameter,
  • The required internal pipe diameter when you provided the flow rate and the velocity.

How to use the Pipe Velocity Calculator

To use the pipe velocity calculator, select what you want to solve (velocity, internal pipe diameter or flow rate) and then enter the two missing parameters.

In the example below, we have calculated the velocity. We entered a flow rate of 300 L/min and an internal pipe diameter of 50 mm. The answer is 2.55 m/s. You can calculate the internal pipe diameter or the flow rate in a similar way, enjoy

Pipe Velocity Calculator

Velocity in the pipework needs to be considered by fire protection engineers in fire sprinkler systems, and some design authorities and design standards have strict rules on what is acceptable. You can learn more about it in Water Velocity and limits for different design authorities.  




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