School saved by fire sprinkler

A fire broke out at Marriotts School in Stevenage on the second floor of the main building in a toilet cubicle.  The sprinkler system activated and extinguished the fire within minutes with minimal damage to the school building.  This has to be seen as another great example of a fire sprinkler system, saving both life and property. 

But apparently, there is a downside to the fire sprinkler saving the building as all the electrics had to be switched off, the school evacuated and pupils sent home. It's always interesting to see how the press has a negative spin on everything.  The fact that the sprinkler operated and did what it was meant to do properly saved more extensive damage means that pupils will be able to return to their education swiftly with minimal disruption.  The water released by the sprinklers will have been far less than would have been used in fighting a larger fire which is what would have happened is sprinklers were not installed. How many days with the school has been shut then?

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