EN 12845 : 2015 Automatic Sprinkler Systems

EN 12845 : 2015 Automatic Sprinkler Systems

EN 12845: 2015 Automatic Sprinkler Systems or to give it its full title EN 12845:2015 Fixed firefighting systems - Automatic sprinkler systems -  Design, installation and maintenance  

We have just received our copy of EN 12845 I'm sure in the coming months we will write some observations. The revised standard is an extremely long document with over 200 pages but something which is worth noting is that it states that this standard suppresses EN 12845:2004:A2:2009 which will be withdrawn on 31 December 2015, so we don't have long to get used just its contents.

For company's in the United Kingdom, the situation is somewhat worse as it draws your attention to the LPC rules for automatic sprinkler installations which incorporates the provisions of BS EN 12845 as far as I'm aware no one has yet received a copy of this standard.

We will keep this page updated as we find out more information.

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