Domestic fire sprinkler system another life saved

I have been delighted to see so many fires have been stopped by sprinkler installations in domestic and residential premises this clearly shows how effective they have been in saving both life and property.

In a recent incident, an elderly gentleman whilst in his flat at 4 pm had his life saved by recently installed fire sprinkler installation in his flat.  Whilst he was asleep in his bedroom a fire started in his kitchen originating from a toaster despite developed quite quickly and the sprinklers activated and extinguished the fire whilst also raising the alarm which allowed the gentleman to be evacuated from his flat.

The domestic fire sprinkler installation had recently been installed on the recommendation of the London Fire Brigade fire safety team.

>Neil Orbell, LFB's assistant commissioner for safety, said: "This close call just goes to show how vital sprinklers are in care homes and sheltered accommodation – they not only stop fires from spreading, they save lives.

So many more lives could be saved if domestic fire sprinklers were to be installed into all domestic properties of course this would not be practical to retrofitting but surely they should be fitted into all-new houses.

Residential and domestic fire sprinkler systems are becoming increasingly more common and should be designed and installed to BS 9251:2014 in the United Kingdom the standard which has been recently been revised gives clear guidance as to the type of properties which can be protected with the standard.  It also sets out how hydraulic calculations should be undertaken and of course, this task is made considerably easier by using suitable calculation software such as the Canute FHC which is ideally suited due to its ease of use.

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