Coroner calls for all new houses to have fire sprinklers

It was really good to see that a coroner has once again called for all new houses to be fitted with domestic fire sprinkler systems to be fitted to new homes after the death of the person on their 80th birthday after suffering from severe burns.  Any death is distressing but once which are preventable are even more so, it is such a shame and we have the technology to prevent deaths from fires in domestic dwellings but we do use the technology we have to protect the elderly and vulnerable who are most at risk from death from fire.

What's more distressing is to know that you are better protected if you live in Scotland or Wales where legislation already requires sprinklers to be fitted to many more premises than in England.  The United Kingdom was at the forefront of fire sprinkler technology and the standards which we have developed have been used throughout the world but now we seem to be lagging behind many other countries which require so many more of their premises to be protected by fire sprinklers systems and helping to protect life and property. Our legislators talk about cost-effective sprinkler systems and cost-benefit analysis but what is the cost of a life, apparently governments can quantify this, but yet the cost of installing a sprinkler system into a new house must be minuscule to the total cost of the build but yet housebuilders are still finding obstacles to persuade government but it's not a good idea.  Surely it is time that we put life before profit


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