50% of fire deaths are people receiving care

This sad statistic was published during care is week 2015 which showed out of 30 people who died in fires in London 13 were receiving care at home or were in residential care this is an increase of the 11% from the previous year.  What makes the statistics even worse is that fire sprinklers could have saved most of these lives. 

Legislation in Scotland and Wales both require residential care homes to be fitted with automatic fire sprinkler systems and Wales will soon be going further and requiring all new domestic properties to also be fitted with sprinklers, is it only England where we cannot see the benefit or do not care about the consequences

London fire brigade director of operations David Brow said recently "We also want to see all residential care homes fitted with sprinklers. Sadly, most of the people who die in fires share the same characteristics, they are over sixty, live alone, have limited mobility and many are being cared for.  Despite this, too many developers, local authorities and private care homes ignore the life-saving benefits of sprinklers."

The staff at Canute LLP are dedicated to promoting the wider use of fire sprinkler systems to help protect the most vulnerable in society.  Our hydraulic calculation software, FHC is widely used throughout the sprinkler industry in the United Kingdom in the design of sprinkler systems for residential care homes and domestic properties of all sizes.  It helps them optimise the pipe sizes and minimise the water supply requirement whilst ensuring the requirements of the relevant British standards (BS 9251) have been fully complied with.

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