Microsoft windows 10

Windows 10_with_FHCMicrosoft this week announced its plan to launch Windows 10 operating system which will be a replacement for Windows 8.1, For some reason, they’re missing out nine.  One nice thing about 10 is at its reintroduced the familiar ‘start menu’ which was sadly lacking from Windows 8 and it looks at last as if Microsoft has started to listen to its desktop users and introducing an operating system that is suitable for those of us who are not using touchscreens.


At Canute, we have found that most of our corporate customers have found Windows 8 to be unusable and preferred to stay with Windows 7 pro which is a well-proven and stable platform.  On first inspection, it does look as if Windows 10 will address many of the deficiencies and add a new range of useful features which will help productivity in the workplace.

Windows undo Microsoft so far the only released a technical preview version of Windows 10 which we have installed and started to evaluate and our customers will be pleased to know that all our software products work seamlessly on this new version.  As we continue our evaluation or keep you posted on our findings and thoughts.


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